Is Your Tree Growing Out Of Control?

Get professional tree trimming services in Vassalboro, ME

Trees can grow for decades with minimal care. But that doesn't mean you can ignore your tree forever. If it starts overgrowing, it can end up leaning or dropping a branch on your property. Devon's Property Maintenance provides tree trimming services in Vassalboro, ME and can help you keep your tree safe and healthy. Consider tree trimming to...

  • Remove low-hanging branches to keep them out of the way
  • Help your tree grow as evenly as possible to avoid problems down the road
  • Keep your tree attractive and boost your curb appeal

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We can trim all kinds of plants

Do you have a hedge or bushes that need to be trimmed down to size? You can count on us for bush and shrub trimming services. Whether you need a single shrub trimmed or have a yard full of plants that need care, we'll go the distance to keep your bushes, shrubs and trees at the proper length.

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