Help Your Yard Stay Healthy With Fresh Mulch

Get professional mulching services in Vassalboro, ME

The mulch in your yard isn't just for decoration. It helps protect and nourish your plants, so it should be replaced once it starts decomposing. Whether it's time to replace your mulch or you just want to swap it out for a different material, Devon's Property Maintenance can help.

We provide mulching services for all types of mulch in Vassalboro, ME and the surrounding area. You can choose from wood chips, bark or pine needles to give your yard the benefits and the look you want. If you're not sure which mulch to use, we can make a recommendation. Schedule a mulch installation by contacting us today.

The benefits of mulch

Most types of mulch can last a few years before needing to be replaced. If it's been a while since you added mulch to your yard, consider a new mulch installation. You'll appreciate that...

  • New mulch can help keep invading weeds out of your garden
  • Fresh mulch will provide nutrients to your soil to help keep your plants healthy
  • Less water will evaporate from your soil, reducing your need to water your plants

Set your yard up for success by arranging for mulching services. Call 207-660-2811 now.